Three Famous Libel Cases

While the Freedom of Speech is one of the most important rights in America, there are laws against libel and slander. These court cases have made headlines and changed the way that we think about reporting the news.

Cameron Diaz Versus The British Sun

It is common for tabloids to report that celebrities are in a relationship with someone. However, The Sun made a mistake when they accused Cameron Diaz of having an affair with her married friend, Shane Nickerson. She was able to successfully sue the tabloid for defamation. She received an undisclosed sum of money and a public apology.

Robin Williams Versus His Lookalike

Some people have made a career out of their resemblance to a celebrity. However, one Robin Williams impersonator took things to an entirely new level. He pretended to be Robin Williams, causing damage to Williams’ reputation.

Williams eventually sued his lookalike, and was able to win the case with ease. The lookalike was using Robin Williams’ name to cheat charities out of money, and he was eventually punished for this.

Keira Knightley Versus The Daily Mail

As with many celebrities before her, The Daily Mail accused Keira Knightley of having a serious eating disorder.

Knightley decided to fight back against these unfounded accusations. She won the case against the Daily Mail, and donated some of the proceeds to charities that help women with eating disorders. In many cases, these kinds of high-profile libel cases can have a very positive impact.

There are a number of famous libel and slander cases that have gone through the court. Although libel is difficult to prove, sometimes, false accusations need to be challenged. When these claims go unchecked, people are able to spread lies and dangerous information without consequence. These cases set a strong precedent and keep publications from published false information.

It is interesting that most of these tabloids have been in the United Kingdom and not from newspapers in the United States. There are some good news for tabloid magazines though. Recently, the New Jersey supreme court in Bridgeton mitigated how much a company can pay in damages because there’s no way to determine┬áboth actual and presumed damages.

History of Propaganda


graffiti-1282291_640Individuals, political parties, and businesses have all used propaganda to influence public opinion. Even today, many commonly-held beliefs exist because of the spread of propaganda.

The word propaganda began to be used in the early 1900s. However, this history of propaganda is much older than that. People and cultures have been using propaganda to influence minds since the beginning of time.

Some of the earliest examples of propaganda can be found in ancient Athens. In Athens, people tended to be very well-informed about political matters. In spite of this, many people had strong differences of opinion.

Various groups began to distribute propaganda in order to sway people to their side. While the newspaper and the printing press did not exist during this time, Greeks could still spread propaganda through theaters, festivals, and even the courts. In addition, many people spread handwritten pamphlets and books around.

As methods of communication improved, the use of propaganda began to increase. Once the printing press was invented, it was easy for people to spread propaganda to the masses. It was often very difficult for people to contradict the information that was spread through this propaganda, even when it was blatantly false.

Today, propaganda is spread in a number of ways. Books, TV shows, films, and even video games can all be used to spread propaganda. Even though most people are aware of the existence of propaganda, it can be difficult for people to realize when they are being influenced by propaganda.

It can be valuable for people to take a closer look at propaganda and the various ways that it has been used throughout history. When people have a stronger understanding of what propaganda is and how it works, it is much easier for them to identify it. The more someone knows about propaganda, the less likely it is that they will be influenced by it.

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